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Module 1 - Finding items on a reading list
Module 2 - Where is...? Biomed Lib collection
Module 3 - Finding information on a topic
Module 4 - Finding journal articles
Module 5 - What is a refereed article?
Module 6 - Finding & using internet resources
Module 7 - Citing references & plagiarism
Module 8 - Evidence-based medicine
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What do I do with the evidence?

Critical Appraisal
When you find article you will need to decide:
Is it a good article?
Can you use the results?

The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine has developed worksheets which take you through the most important questions for each type of research.

The Evidence Pyramid
As you move up the pyramid the amount of available literature decreases, but its relevance to the clinical setting increases.

Click on each of the sections below to see more description.

Applying the Evidence
Once you have found the best evidence for your situation you need to work out how the results apply to your individual patient.

Questions to consider are:

  • Is the treatment feasible in my setting?
  • Is my patient too different from those in the study to be applicable?
  • What are the other alternatives?
  • Will the benefits outweigh any potential harm for my patient?
  • What are my patients opinions?

You will learn more about critical appraisal, applying evidence-based medicine principles and understanding research methods and statistical tests as part of the Quality of Medical Practice element in the undergraduate medicine program.

8.1 Objectives
8.2 What is EBM?
8.3 Formulating a good clinical question
8.4 EBM resources
8.5 What do I do with the evidence?
8.6 Review
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