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Module 1 - Finding items on a reading list
Module 2 - Where is...? Biomed Lib collection
Module 3 - Finding information on a topic
Module 4 - Finding journal articles
Module 5 - What is a refereed article?
Module 6 - Finding & using internet resources
Module 7 - Citing references & plagiarism
Module 8 - Evidence-based medicine
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Beyond Medline
The focus of many assignments and projects will require you to move beyond the major medical databases such as Medline and Embase.

Australian Health Databases
There are a number of Australian databases you should consider searching if you are looking for information related to Australian health care. Most of these are available from Informit some examples include:
Health Collection,
ATSIhealth - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bibliography
APAIS-Health and
AMI - Australasian Medical Index 


Support for Students in searching the Informit databases (including instructional video) is available online from RMIT Publishing.

Other Subject Areas
The UNSW library subscribes to many databases in various subject disciplines. The UNSW Library subject guides can help you to find relevant and useful databases outside of the discipline of medicine.

For an assignment focusing on ethics you may need to also consider using databases for law or philosophy

A project looking at health promotion may require looking at marketing literature or a database covering psychology to give some insight into how to best sell an idea or how to influence the way people think and behave.

Think about what you need so you find the best information for your assignments and projects.

The library also has multi-disciplinary databases such as ProQuest Research Library and Current Contents Connect, these cover a broad range of topic areas and can sometimes be useful as a starting point.

Citation Databases
Another way of finding relevant literature is to use a citation database such as Web of Science or Scopus. In a citation database you can perform a “cited reference” search on a good article you already know about to locate authors which have cited your original article or to find similar articles.
An online tutorial is available for those who want to use Web of Science effectively.

4.1 Objectives
4.2 The purpose and content of databases
4.3 Four-step search plan
4.4 Accessing Medline
4.5 Searching Medline and obtaining articles
4.6 Beyond Medline
4.7 Review
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