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Module 1 - Finding items on a reading list
Module 2 - Where is...? Biomed Lib collection
Module 3 - Finding information on a topic
Module 4 - Finding journal articles
Module 5 - What is a refereed article?
Module 6 - Finding & using internet resources
Module 7 - Citing references & plagiarism
Module 8 - Evidence-based medicine

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Library Collection
Once you understand the types of information provided in a citation, you will need to search the Library system to locate the item. It is important to use the appropriate terms when you search (especially for journal article and book chapter citations).

What can you find using a Library search?
The library system contains records of books, journals, articles and other items that are held by the library, in both print or electronic format. For some material you will need to search the 'top level' information, that is:

1.1 Objectives
1.2 Citation/reference [exercise]
1.3 Undertanding a citation/reference
1.4 Searching the library
1.5 Review
  1. for books, the system contains information such as the author, title and publication details but not chapter titles. If you are looking for a chapter published in a book, you will need to search using the book title. This will tell you if the library has the book to locate the relevant chapter;
  2. for journal articles, the library system does not always record each article published (it would take too much time for any library to input all the articles published in every held journal issue). Hence when you are looking up a journal article in the library system, if the exact article does not come up, you will need to know the citation, and search by journal title. You can then check to see if the library holds the volume and issue in which the article was published.

There are various ways of searching the Library system, such as, by Author or by Title. Use the one that is appropriate for the item that you are looking for (see the examples on this page). Once you have a call number, see Module 2: Where is... ? UNSW Library Collection to find out how to locate the item.

Examples for searching in the library
Looking for Example Note
...books Campbell, N.A.and Reece, J.A. (2002). Biology, 6th Edition. San Francisco, Calif.: Benjamin Cummings. Use a combination of keywords from the book title and author and search All Fields. You can also search by Title or Author, but this may be a problem when they are common names/terms (eg. searching for the title "biochemistry", or author "smith", will retrieve many results).

0:57 mins
...journal articles Sjolund, M., Wreiber, K., Andersson, D.I., Blaser, M.J., & Engstrand, L. (2003). Long-term persistence of resistant Enterococcus species after antibiotics to eradicate Helicobacter pylori. Annals of Internal Medicine. 139(6), 483-7. To locate a journal article from a given citation, you can search the library system for the exact article. If it doesn't come up you could try searching to see if the library holds the Journal Title in which the article was published and also the required issue (indicated by the volume and issue number).

1:24 mins chapters Bradley, P. (2000). Should childhood immunization be compulsory?. In P. Bradley & A. Burls (Eds.), Ethics in public and community health (pp. 167-176). London: Routledge. For a book chapter, you will need to locate a copy of the book - search for the book using a combination keywords from the title and author (see "Searching for books"). Do not search by the chapter title or the chapter author(s). For the example listed, you can search in Title ethics in public and community health or All Fields ethics public bradley (ie. keywords from the title and editors of the book - Bradley and Burls)
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