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Module 1 - Finding items on a reading list
Module 2 - Where is...? Biomed Lib collection
Module 3 - Finding information on a topic
Module 4 - Finding journal articles
Module 5 - What is a refereed article?
Module 6 - Finding & using internet resources
Module 7 - Citing references & plagiarism
Module 8 - Evidence-based medicine
Medicine 3802 Information Skills ""

How can you tell if a journal is refereed or not?
The general information found at the front of each journal issue or journal website will often tell you if a journal is refereed or not. The "Information for Authors" or "Guidelines for Authors" section of the journal may also indicate whether articles are refereed.

ReficonThe UNSW Library A-Z listing of e-journals indicates refereeed journals by this icon.

In addition, there are several databases that provide extensive journal information. Ulrichsweb: global serials directory includes thousands of journals. You can search by Journal Title to display the record for a particular journal and then check if it is refereed, reviewed, or scholarly by looking for the referee shirt icon Ulrich icon.


bewareSome journals may have the appearance of being refereed because they are well known and contain up-to-date scientific information. Scientific American contains up-to-date scientific information but its articles are not refereed.

To help you distinguish between popular and refereed journals, you can look at the presentation by Minnesota State University Library - Identifying Scholarly Information.

5.1 Objectives
5.2 What is a refereed article?
5.3 How can you tell if a journal is refereed or not?
5.4 Examples of refereed journals
5.5 Finding refereed articles
5.6 Review
Refereed journals ""
Check journal information (either on the journal's website or at the front/back of the printed journal). Sometimes this information is listed under the "Information for Authors" or "Guidelines for Authors" section of the journal.
Look at the characteristics of the journal, eg. as listed in section 3.2 of this module.
Check Ulrichsweb: global serials directory for journal information. It will tell you if a journal is a refereed (or peer-revieved) journal by the presence of the referee icon. Refereedicon
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